Why Get An Inspection?

The home purchase is the largest purchase that most people make. It only makes sense to understand the condition of the property that you are considering. That is what a home inspection provides!


What Are The Types Of Inspections?

The typical homebuyer inspection, in preparation for the purchase of a home, is a structural and mechanical inspection.


The structural portion consists of the inspection of the foundation, roofing/framing, wall veneers (in & out), doors, windows, weatherstripping, attic venting, water penetration, gutters. It does not pertain to aesthetic items.


The mechanical portion relates to the electrical system, the plumbing lines, the cooling & heating system, the water heater and the built-in appliances.


To these you may wish (and are recommended) to add the wood destroying insect inspection which is commonly known as a termite inspection. Trust me that there are more than just termites eating wood.


Those are your basic inspections to protect yourself. If your home has special features or components you may also need to add inspections for such things as well and septic, pool/spa or sprinkler systems.


Additional inspections are listed below, some are performed by MLC Real Estate Inspections, some we can schedule at the same time and some we may refer to a specialist in that field.


As a homebuyer you will be most interested in the following inspections available depending on the components or needs of the home you are considering:

1. structural inspections - include foundation thru the roofing
2. mechanical inspections - covers electrical, air conditioning and heating, plumbing, water heater
3. appliances - encompasses built in (non-chattel) items
4. swimming pools and spas
5. irrigation systems - sprinklers
6. wood destroying insect inspection - commonly known as "the termite inspection" - there are more that just termites that eat cellulose products
7. asbestos inspections
8. microbial inspection - mold
9. lead paint inspections
10. well and septic inspections - must be performed by registered sanitarians or licensed plumbers
11. new home inspections
12. phase inspections - for homes under construction

FHA and FmHA inspections These inspections are mortgage company initiated inspections.


Ten-Year Warranty Inspections These are builder-initiated inspections


Code Inspections These are, generally initiated by, mortgage companies and the government. They can also be in preparation for expert witness events. They are very expensive and require much time at the homesite to accomplish. They are generally considered beyond normal due-diligence.


Why buy a home inspection when they miss items and defer to contractors?