"As an out of state buyer, who do you trust when making a home purchase? The agents? The seller? Maybe, maybe not. I had the great fortune of having Mike Cothran perform my home inspection. This is a man that I have come to trust. Mike, without question had only my best interests in mind. Thanks to Mike, my family and I avoided a $500K mistake. I cannot thank him enough for his expertise, diligence and integrity."

Curtis K.

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for such a thorough inspection of this property. As always, it is disappointing to find so many extensive problems when one thinks they've found their "dream home." However I believe it is far better to be a bit disappointed now, than to be financially devastated when the problems are discovered later! I further appreciated the time you took with me explaining what you were seeing so I could understand and relay the information to my husband.

Rest assured that the check I wrote to you and your company was undoubtedly the most well spent money I've spent in a long time and I would recommend you to anyone purchasing a home. I feel confident we will be meeting again soon, the house hunt is back on, and I wouldn't consider buying a home unless you've been through it!

Thanks again"


"Thank you for the very informative inspection, you seem to really know your stuff. That makes Aric and I very satisfied customers...."


"Thank you Mike! It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for all your hard work and your great attitude!

Hasta pronto!"


"Thanks, Mike! How far away do you go for inspections? We're thinking once we get the kids set up it might be best if we move to Montana and put a lot of miles between us! *grin* Toodles"

Sherry & Marvin

"Great job. I would like to discuss a few items: 1. The lights that did not work: there appeared to be quite a few - you think it was simply burned out bulbs? 2. The leak at the master bathroom tub faucet base(s): how significant and where does the water go? I could not discern if you are talking about a dripping faucet (at the nozzle) or one that leaks internally and seeps out near the mounting surface. 3. The AC duct that serves the kitchen area: is this definitely an integrity issue or could it be something else (like balance)? Do you have a feel for gaining access to this ductwork? Can I verify and repair myself? I think Marilyn told me she is having the sprinkler system and the pool equipment checked out herself, so everything appears to be addressed. If you get a chance, I'd like to discuss these items with you at your convenience. Thanks"


"This is great. Thanks for getting it (the report) back to us so quickly....."

Kim & Larry

"hank you very much for a good job done. I appreciate your patience explaining everything to me in detail."


"Thanks for getting the report to us so quickly. We had a question about the extent of the fungal growth around the chimney penetration. Could you tell if the fungus was growing down below the roof line into the attic or was it mostly near the flashing? We're just wondering if it was more of a surface fungus between the chimney and flashing or something that was growing in a wider area. Do you think it would be wise to get a roof/mold guy to take a look at it? And if so, do you have any recommendations? Do you have any recommendations for a plumber to perform a hydrostatic test as well? Thanks."

Bryce and Rosa