get ready

How to prepare for a Home Inspection

Though a thorough home inspection usually takes between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the size and scope of the inspection, buyers and sellers need to plan for the inspection in order to assure that it will run smoothly. The following are tips to allow for a smooth and complete inspection;

1. Try to have the inspection when kids will be elsewhere.
2. Secure pets or leave them with a neighbor for the day.
3. Confirm that all utilities are on: gas, water, power.
4. Light all pilots lights - the inspection does not generally last long enough for the water heater to heat 40 gallons of water.
5. Move storage or furnishings that can obstruct the inspector's examination or access to equipment or panels , including in the attic.
6. Replace burned out light bulbs.
7. Unlock all doors, gates, accesses, panels, closets and crawl spaces…inspectors are always curious.
8. Remove wood or debris storage along outside of home.
9. Trim tree limbs away from the roofing.
10. Test the smoke alarms to confirm proper function.
11. Repair or replace broken items; screens, door knobs, locks, glass, gutters - installed antisyphon devices on exterior faucets.
12. Clean ashes from the fireplace and hearth.
13. Replace rotted trim and siding on the exterior of the home.
14. Be prepared to join the inspector on the inspection, the inspector will let you know if this is appropriate.
15. Bring your questions.